Gallien Counseling
Dr. Angela Ross Gallien, LPC, NCC,MAC
Licensed Professional Counselor
(205) 365-7699

Offices in Dora and Fultondale

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Our Mission:

The mission of Gallien Counseling is to provide the highest quality mental health therapy, addiction therapy, and community education for adults to promote change, encourage personal growth, and to challenge individuals to begin a new, addiction-free life. 

Our Philosophy:

Gallien Counseling believes that chronic substance use, abuse, and dependency affect the individual, the families and the community, and it has a political, social, cultural and economical impact in Alabama.  At Gallien Counseling, we believe that addiction is a complex brain disease characterized by a loss of control of oneself (compulsive), drug-seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.  With treatment, recovery from chemical addiction is possible and people can make lasting changes in their lives.  Through treatment that is tailored to individual needs, people can learn to control their condition and live normal, drug-free, productive lives.  Gallien Counseling also believes that community awareness plays an important role in the reduction of chronic substance use. 

Our Values:

We at Gallien Counseling believe in an addiction-free lifestyle, a strong work ethic, maintaining integrity, compassion for fellow man, and the goal of self-actualization.

Our Vision:

Gallien Counseling believes it can provide ethical, life-improving addiction therapy that will reduce chronic substance use in the community.  The results will be:

  • clients will be able to contribute to society through steady employment
  • a reduction in recidivism will be seen
  • drug related crimes will be reduced
  • families will remain intact
  • the community will have a better understanding about chemical addiction

Our Goals:

  1. Individuals will regain control of their lives and maintain a life free from chronic substance use, abuse, and dependency.  Time frame for achievement of the goal will be based on each person’s own situation. 
  2. Educate the community about chemical use, abuse, dependency and addictions.

Our Strategies:

We will achieve our 1st goal through individualized treatment planning, evidence of a life that is under control and the individual’s ability to achieve treatment goals.

The 2nd goal will be evidenced by an improvement in test scores.  A pre-test of knowledge will be given before a seminar.  The same test will be used after the seminar.  

This will be achieved through individualized treatment planning and will be evidenced by a life that is under control, and the ability to meet treatment goals.